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About Us

We, Mushroom world Futuretech Pvt Ltd, we are registered at 226, JAIN NAGAR, GUFA MANDIR ROAD, BHOPAL, MADHYA PRADESH 462030.

About Game

TEFUN(shooT mE iF yoU caN) is a turn based strategic battle game that can be played online with friends or any random player in the world.
Reading your opponent's mind and preventing him from reading your mind is what makes this game so interesting and fun.

A new form of strategy game:
TEFUN Game is designed in a way that players playing this game can take their strategy skills to their next level.
In this game, the player has to prove his opponent's thinking wrong in every round and prepare a new strategy for himself.

How does this work :
Find your Opponent.
Start the game.
Each Round will have two phases.
Phase 1 - Hide your troops in one of the bunker out of five bunkers.
Phase 2 - Guess Opponent's choice, where the opponent has hidden his troops.
Each Phase will have a 20 second timer.
When you and your opponent have both made the selections, Its Fire time!
After each Round, Use Strategy tool to check out your and your opponent's bunker selection in each round and use it for your advantage.
We can say that the Strategy tool is the most important part of the battle to understand your opponent's mind.
You can chat and express yourself using emotes to your opponent.
For each correct choice you make, your opponent will loose one life.
The player who loses all the lives will lose the battle.
The winner will be awarded.
Enjoy the battles!

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